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Who will you use card and badge clock in ?

Card and badge clock in can be used for all types of companies. . It is the most common clocking in system within companies. Clocking in with a card or a badge is an essential too for your organization Thanks to its design and and user friendliness the card reader is particularly liked. Clocking in with a card or badge is very simple to use. The 7 inches touch screen shows : date, hour, type of clock in, clock out. Finally, it takes a couple seconds to install. A RJ45 cable powers the clock in devise and transfers the data to the e2Time.com software.


  • Badge contactless identification
  • Photo display when clocking in
  • 100 000 user capacity
  • In case of internet outage it can register 50 000 users in autonomous mode
  • Numeric Keypad
  • Clock ins data pooling
  • Customization : Colors and desktop wallpapers


Systeme de pointage par carte et badge e2time, pointeuse pour controle d'acces

Are you interested in another clock in ?

We offer different pointers such as the Biometric clock in/ Digital Figerprint, IP adress clock in, Card and badge clock in or Smartphone and tablet clock in.

Pointeuse biométrique

Biometric clock in
Digital fingerprint

Pointeuse IP

IP adress
clock in

Pointeuse carte et badge

Card and badge
clock in

Pointeuse smartphone &  tablette

Smartphone and tablet
clock in

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