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Who we are ?, SaaS software, specialized in time management, project management and planning management adapted to companies of all types and sizes. We propose a complete tool to manage your professional activity.

We propose a complete tool to manage your professional activity. We cover all types of industries : IT, banks, insurance, food, retail etc.

Administrators, managers et users have access to all their information via a secure portal available on computer, tablet and smartphone. Our tool is also compatible on Apple, PC and tablet. Accessing to the portal is done with securely via a https website where you can connect 7 days a week and 24hrs a day.

More than 400 companies trust us

No hardware is necessary nor prior technical expertise.

We offer a 30 day trial period without obligation to test our solutions before using definitely. also allows the integration of clock in/ clock out systems such as with cards, smartphone, tablet and IP address.

Our technical teams work on our solutions in order to improve our services and to always offer a more efficient, complete and user friendliness. The technical support will help you during the installation et guide you for good use of the tool.


Our different HR management modules

Request time off in
a few clicks

Schedule and organise your staff

Profiles, contracts…all your needs regarding your employees

A simplified expense management

Manage your projects over time

The complete and intuitive software for your HR management

A reliable and secure
management software
Software entirely customizable
Real time
data pooling
Exportable data to excel, pdf and payroll software
Accessible 24h/24, 7D/7 on smartphone computer and tablet

More than 400 companies and 60 000 users trust us

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