How to sign up :

You can find our entire solutions. This is done on our website. Choose the pack you desire. Declare how many users, choose your modules and the offer which suits you. Once you have filled up all the necessary information you will receive a confirmation email.

What is the free trial period ?

On e2time.com we offer a 15 day trial period to test our solution. You will have full access to all the modules you have selected.

What happens when the free trial period ends ?

A member of the sales team will contact you to discuss a contract. However, if you do not want to go further your account will be suspended.
How to connect to your account :

When you sign up you will have an URL like so : https://www.e2time.net/yourcompany
Go to your personalized url and use your ID.

What do I do when I forget my password ?

In your login page you may request a new password and ID.

In the case of a forgotten password : go on your login page https://www.e2time.net/yourcompany and click on « forgot password ». You wll then receive an email to reset a new password

In the case of a forgotten ID : go on your login page https://www.e2time.net/yourcompany and click on « forgot ID ». You will then receive an email to reset a new ID.

Am I limited to the number of days off counter ?

No. You can create as many as you want. There is an easy and user friendly setting to allow you to program them.
My company has its own day off acquisition system. Is it possible to set it up on our software ?

Our platform was concieved to be the most flexible possible. Our goal is to be adaptable for each company. In order to check your comptability don’t hesitate to contact us.

My company has many point of sales is it possible to regroup and view all my employees on one software ?

Yes. You can have several check in systems in different locations and create an organization chart, which will allow you to manage your staff by location, by service or by the whole global company. In addition, if you open a new point of sale the installation of a new check in system only takes a couple of hours.

What do I need to connect my card/ badge check in system ?

The setup is simple. We just need an electricity plug and an internet connection in order to connect with our server. They can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet.

Is my data protected ?

Yes. The data flow between the check in/ check out systems and the server is encrypted. The website is secrized in SSL, which is used by bank websites. The data is backed up on 2 servers in 2 OVH datacenters. One is in Roubaix and the other is in Strasbourg. The data is preserved for a 5 year period and can be backed up by clients upon request.

Can I use a MAC to connect on the platform ?

Yes. The software is a SaaS. You can use it on PC and MAC and on the following browsers : Internet Explorer (V7 or higher), Safari (V4 or higher), Firefox (V3 or higher), Google Chrome (V3 or higher) and Opera (V9 or higher).

What do the different user roles mean ?

There are 3 different types users : Administrator, Manager, User. The administrator can access all the platform’s settings and can customize them. He allows all the accesses to managers and users. The manager can personalize his settings. He can also assign tasks to employees in the project management module. The user can benefit from his personalized profile. He can consult all the related information in your profile and tasks.

How to create new users ?

Only the administrator is capable of creating a new user. You have to go on Administrator > user
Is it possible to export my data when I already have a payroll software ?

Yes, our HRIS software allows you to export a payroll components to most of the payroll systems on the market. Even if your payroll system is not on our solution contact us and we can add it.

Note : Some payroll softwares dont have the data import option and others charge extra for this module.

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