Terms of service

I. About us

The company e2Time.com (« company ») a simplified joint stock company with a registered capital of 1 264 535€, located at 9 rue de Rosny, 93100 Montreuil – sous- Bois and registered in the Creteil register of commerce under the number 522 429 422.

The company is a HRIS software in time and activites management.

II. Preamble

The present Terms and Conditions (« CGU ») are the basis for the commercial practise between the parties.

They are applied to all the Services provided by the Company for all types of clients, whatever clauses might exist in the client’s documents, in particular the buyer’s own terms and conditions.

They are systematically communicated to the client upon request.

Any order for the product implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

III. Definitions

Client : Any person that places an order via direct contact or via paper

Order : Any order placed by the Client in order to benefit from the Company’s services

The Terms and Conditions or CGU referred to this present document

Consumer : Any natural person acting away from its professional activity

Professional : Any natural or legal person acting within his professional activity

Services : Any type of service provided by the Company

Company : Fully defines the company E2time.com to article I herein.

IV. Orders

All purchase orders are issued by the Client via direct contact or via paper.

The sales of the Services to the Consumers are achieved after a quote that has been drawn out and accepted by the latter.
V. Service provision and price

Rates are those in effect on the day of placing the Order, as established on the quote provided to the Customer or according to the scale indicated on the spot to the Customer.

The prices are presented in pre-tax. If the the cost of the Services cannot be determined by a detailed quote issued to the Client with the exact calculation to allow him to verify it.

After each Order, an invoice is issued by the Company for the Client.

The Client can benefit from a discount by the Client depending on the amount of Services ordered or depending on the conditions established by the Company.
VI. Time limit and procedures for payment

The payments can be made by :

– Cheque
– Transfer payment
– Direct debit

In the event of late payment penalties will be applied on the basis of legal rate of 5%. All the payments after the deadline will lead to a penalty payment of 40€ according to the law n°80.335 of the 12th Mai 1980. In case of a dispute it shall be dealt solely by the court in the jurisdiction of the company’s registered office.
VII. Consumer’s right of withdrawal

The Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the the contract for any reason, without any obligation in a fourteen (14) days time period according to article 5.2 of the Terms and Conditions.

To exercise this right of withdrawal the Consumer has to send a registered letter to e2Time.com, 9 rue de Rosny, 93100 Montreuil–sous–Bois.

The Consumer will be reimbursed of all costs within the next 14 days following E2time.com’s acknowledgment of the withdrawal request. The reimbursement will be done in the same payment method by the Client.

VIII. Legal safeguards

The Services provided to the Consumers are guaranteed in accordance with the French Consumer Code and Civil Code shown bellow :
Article L.211-4 of the Consumer Code : « The seller is obligated to deliver the goods in conformity with the sales contract at the time they are delivered. The Seller is also responsible for defects in conformity that result from packaging, and from set-up or installation when these have been made his/her responsibility by the contract or have been produced under his/her responsibility. »

Article L.211-5 of the Consumer Code: To be compliant with the contract, the article must:

– Comply with the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of the goods which the seller has held out to the consumer as a sample or model ;
– To have the qualities that a purchaser might legitimately expect in view of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or on labelling ;
– Or have the features defined by mutual agreement between the parties or be suitable for any special requirement of the buyer, which was made known to the seller and which the latter agreed to.
IX. Information technology and liberties

E2Time.com is strongly committed to preserving the privacy of its consumers in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

E2time.com certifies that the documents and the automated processing of personal information have been registered with the CNIL in accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978.

According to the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, you have at any time, a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data relating to it. The Consumer has the possibility to exercise this right online by going on the website, by writing to the helpdesk, by email or letter.

E2time.com has the right to inform their consumers via email of the evolution of its services. The Consumer can nevertheless refuse to receive the information by unsubscribing from the newsletter. E2time.com could release the golbal statistics and general geographical information.
X. intellectual property

The brand, the logo and graphic chart are owned or licensed by the Company. Any dissemination, exploitation, representation or use without written permission the Company may be exposed to civil and penal sanctions.

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