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HR Portal

Toutes les données des collaborateurs sur une seule plateforme fullweb

Pool all your employees’ data on one platform

Indication RH pour une gestion du personnel adaptée à l'entreprise

Customize your HR rules for your company

Evolution des collaborateurs

Analyze and follow your staff’s evolution

Visualisation des données collaborateurs via un tableau de bord personnalisé

Visualize all your data on a personalized dashboard



  • Complete profiles with all the informations on one
  • Quickly accessible from my smartphone and


  • Follow up on my employees’ activity thanks to pooled information
  • Follow up on the plannings and rotation for a better management


  • My software generates directly all my labour contracts.
  • Personalize notifications
    to not miss any
Suivi du personnel via Portail RH

An unique platform for all your data !

Dematerialize all your employees’ activity such as general information, annual interviews, medical check ups… Personalize each profil.

The dashboard will give you a global overview.

All the skills of the employees are shown. An expertise diagram will help you to assign the expertise for your projects.

The plus + : The QR code is available on your user page to easily connect straight from your phone.


Make sure you have a better management of your staff.

Suivi des collaborateurs simplifié pour les managers et les ressources humaines

The HR Portal offers a global overview for the managers. The manager can look up all information regarding each employee.

Your work is helped thanks to the automatisation of our software. The setting up of notifications to alert employees of important events in their professional life.

You will be alerted in case of the end of a contract, end of a trial period or other events regarding labour contracts..

This module will also alert you on obligatory events such as medical check ups.

Easy management

It is easy never to have an optimal follow up of your staff’s activity.

The different contracts, different events, career evolution, all this information can be too much to remember for managers.

With our HR Portal solution, all this is integrated on your platform and quickly accessible.

You can consult your employees’ history and find all the relevant information you need.

Management facilité par un suivi en ligne des ressources humaines

Personalize your staff’s profil to have a better HR management.

Personnalisation des profils pour une meilleure gestion des RH

Manage their access, make available all the documents that they need on your HR Portal.

Your tool is equipped with an intelligent document storage functionality. Therefore, you will be able to insert personal or public documents. The software can be setup in the way to automatically save your documents in the right place.

Therefore, all the admin documents can be sorted to find them easily.

Manage your contracts directly with your HR Portal.

Thanks to our solution, you can manage your labour contracts according to criterias that you previously setup. Essential time saver for your HR department. You can also, every profil with regard to your payroll model.

Build your organization chart and allocate your employees in their corresponding department or by population (for example skills or seniority)

The tool will allow you to extract all the user’s data.

Generer les contrats sur le portail RH
  • All the data can be extracted on PDF or Excel.
  • Avoid duplicates thanks to our exports towards most of the payroll softwares.
  • Our software is translated in 8 languages and can be used in many countries.
  • Our team is available to answer your questions, to teach you and guide you.
Logiciel SIRH Portail RH pour un suivi des ressources humaines
  • Les données sont exportables en PDF ou Excel.
  • Evitez les doubles saisies grâce à nos exports vers la plupart des logiciels de paie.
  • Notre logiciel est traduit en 8 langues et peut s’utiliser dans de nombreux pays.
  • Toute notre équipe est à votre disposition afin de répondre à vos questions, vous former et vous accompagner sur notre logiciel portail RH.

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