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conges et absences
Leave & Absence

Your HR software for leave & absence management

conges et absences
Leave & Absence

Your HR software for leave & absence management

Leave & absences – Also available on smartphone

Simplified leave and absences management

An easy & intuitive absence & leave software 

Our absence management software will save you time. In only in a couple clicks the employee can check his remaining balance and to make the request.

The manager receives the request via email and can directly accept it. It’s easy, quick and efficient. The leave requests are automated and you can access all your data. Our user friendly interface will optimise your work time. If your employees handle the absence management process manually this will lead to time loss. Choosing our software, will automate and reduce your process to free up time for other tasks. Test it, you have 15 day trial

Leave & absences with e2Time.com

Manage your leave and absences with simplicity





A HR software for all !

All your data in real time


Check your remaining balance of available days and send a quick request to your manager !


Keep track of your employees’ schedule and accept their leave request in 1 click


Fully customize your software with your absence management rules !

Simplified leave and absences management

We spend a lot of time organzing our time off, absences and leave and checking our balance.

Thanks, to our software you will have the possibility to visualize your planning and your balance in a blink of an eye. A calendar with the bank holidays and holiday periods will be at your disposal to help you.

The human resources are automatically checked when a request is submitted. 

All this information is available on smartphone, tablet and computer

Leave & absences

Leave management by the manager

Leave management by the manager

As a manager, you will receive absence requests from your employees via email.

In order not to waste time all the necessary information to accept the request is found in the email : Team schedule in real team when it the request is submitted Balance of the days before and after the request Validate or decline the request.

The validation of the absence request can be done straight in email received without having to connect to the software !

Several validation procedures are possible! When a manager is on leave the request will be automatically sent to a co manager !

Leave et absences

Simplified leave and absences management

  • Simplified leave validation

    Process your leave quickly with the validation in the body of the mail. Don’t have time to get the information?

    E2Time.com sends it directly to you by email and allows you to process the leave request simply by email. How does it work? Your employees are asking their leave. This is directly addressed to the Manager-validator by email.

    You can in the email, validated or denied the request. After the leave request is processed, the worker receives the notification by email. The application is automatically transferred to the software in the processed leave requests.

  • The leave of absence by the manager

    The Manager has the opportunity to put his teams on leave. Since its application e2Time.com, the Manager will be able to select a population and select a type of leave (RTT, paid holidays, sickness, etc.).

    Via the calendar available on the application, the Manager only has to enter the desired days of leave and validate. It can also add a comment and an attachment if needed.

    Once the leave is validated, the worker is alerted by a notification.

  • Counter balances

    On our e2Time.com software you benefit from an unlimited number of counters. RTT, paid leave, sickness, parental, leave without pay, compensatory rest, the HR Manager and administrator can create the number of leave offered by his company.

    For each employee, the administrator will credit him the number of leave corresponding to his profile and his hours of work. He will find the full data of each contributor on the details of his counters for an optimum follow-up. With one click, the HR Manager visualizes the available balance, pending leave requests, validated leave and past leave.

    On the user side, each employee will visualize the same data.

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