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Clock-in system

Discover our different clocking systems

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Clock-in system

Discover our different clocking systems

A clock-in solution adapted to your needs

Our clocking system

Complete clock in system

We offer a full range of clock in systems for your company. Combined with the attendance management solution our different clock in systems will bring a better management of your staff’s work schedules. If it’s by finger print, by IP address, by card/badge, by smartphone or by computer your clock in system is linked to your E2Time.com SaaS software.

Limit your administrative tasks and automate your clock in process with our effiective high tech tools. The clock in systems will allow the Managers and HR to better manage the the team’s work schedule and therefore to adapt the resources according to their needs. Clock in with a smartphone or tablet is available on the E2time.com app.

Take your time, we calculate yours

A high tech clock-in system in your company


Clock-in by card and badge

Clock-in by card and badge

The advantages of the e2time.com’s card and badge clock-in

  • Save considerable time
  • Automate the calculation of attendance times
  • Eliminate time-related litigation
  • Simplified overtime management
  • Easily adjust your schedules
Clock-in by card and badge

High tech clock-in by card and badge

Card and badge clock in can be used for all types of companies. It is the most common clocking in system within companies. Clocking in with a card or a badge is an essential too for your organization Thanks to its design and and user friendliness the card reader is particularly liked. Clocking in with a card or badge is very simple to use.

The 7 inches touch screen shows : date, hour, type of clock in, clock out. Finally, it takes a couple seconds to install. A RJ45 cable powers the clock in devise and transfers the data to the e2Time.com software.

IP address clock-in

IP address clock in

Who will use IP address clock in?

Used by many companies where many employees work on computers, work from home or frequently travel. Your employees can clock in/ clock out straight from their desk at the office, their home or on the road.

IP address clock in

Why set up IP address clock in/ clock out for your company ?

In order to have an easy clock in system straight from your computer choose IP address. This is synchronized with our attendance and planning management solution. This will allow you to organize your employees’ work time. IP address clock in/ clock out is adapted for all types of businesses. Accessing the software is done via securized https. The user will have his own login making the usage very simple.

The advantages of the e2time.com’s pointing system

  • IP clock in clock out / on the computer via our fullweb solution
  • Securized access in https
  • Login and password identification
  • Recording the arrivals/ exits by IP clock in/ clock out
  • Manage the authorized IP addresses for IP clock in
  • Multi location IP clock in
  • Clock in depending on tasks and day type
  • No badge management

Smartphone and tablet clock in

Quickly and easily clock in via your smartphone and tablet !

We have come up with a practical and efficient clock in system to answer the time and attendance management of your employees. This method is recommended for travelling employees. Sign in to the E2time.com application and clock in via our system.

The advantages of the clock in system by smartphone and tablet

Pointing directly via smartphone et tablet

  • Clock-accessible 24/7
  • Ergonomic and intuitive application
  • Ideal for companies whose employees are mobile
  • Simplicity and speed of use
  • Optional Geolocation of pointing
  • Better attendance control
  • Attendance overview in real time
  • Tablet or smartphone clock in with or without geolocalisation
  • Configure authorization zones
  • The possibility to combine clocking with a task
  • Real time data pooling
  • Functions in off mode when out of connectivity
  • Fonctionne en mode off line permettant de pointer hors connexion
pointage smartphone geolocalisation

Biometric clock in / Digital fingerprint

Why set up digital fingerprint /biometric clock-in for your company ?

Digital fingerprint

The biometric clock in consists of all the latest fingerprints technology. This feature is synchronized with our planning and attendance management solution.

With the biometric fingerprints you can manage and organize the arrival and exit times of your employees. Thanks to this type of clock in you can have an overview of your staff’s attendance on site and remotely.

The machine has the capability to be in standalone mode and can memorize up to 5000 clock ins in case you have an internet issue. The biometric clock in centralizes the clock ins in real time.

E2time.com’s biometric clock in advantages

  • Fingerprint
  • Can save up to 32 000 people
  • In case of an internet outage it can memorize up to 5000 clock ins
  • 1 second delay
  • Data centralization in real time
  • Avoids surrogate clock ins
  • Possibility to synchronize the badges to real time or to define a time

CNIL does not allow biometric
clock-in in France

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Our different clock-in systems

Card and badge clock in

IP adress
Clock in

Smartphone and tablet clock in

Biometric clock in / Digital fingerprint

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More than 450 companies and 70 000 users trust us

Our time management solutions are adapted to all your business needs.  Whether you have stores, medical centers, hospitality and restaurants, industries, or even administrations or associations… We adapt to your business rules!

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