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Attendance & Scheduling

Gain time on planning

Attendance & Scheduling

Gain time on planning

Attendance & scheduling

Your schedules in a fun, simple and efficient way !

E2Time.com provides a solution adapted to your company’s needs to manage your teams’ working period. Many customazible views (daily, weekly, team, position) to answer your needs.

  • Create personalized schedules for your company
  • Publish the availabilities by location, department and sub department
  • All your modifications can be done directly from the schedule
  • Customized notifications
  • Manage your workforce (attendance, absence, staff needs)
  • Display in real time the work hours (realized and planned)

Take your time, we calculate yours

Gain time on planning






Optimized presences and schedules management


Check your shedule and your colleague’s timetable

Follow your balance in real time

It brings transparency and communication


Organise your teams by teams or groups

Visualize the attendance in real time

Monitor the availabilties per location,group et sub-group


Instant global overview

Customize the rules applied in real time

Export in one click to the payroll softwares

A tool to manage your schedules

Manage and organise your employees’ schedule!

With our attendance and leave management software you can customize your employee’s standard day and standard week in his schedule.

The manager is immediately warned when there are instances of non – compliance during the planning. You can allocate rules and patterns that are tailored for each of your hourly meter.

The monitoring of the meter is easily done thanks to a visible and pertinent gauge.

Real time notifications

Attendance, clock in and irregularities management

All the recording of all the clock in by the users are done in real time. Notifications are set up when there are clock in irregularities and allow you to react swiftly.

The Manager can correct and comment the check in as he wishes. He will able to lock the corrections and the schedules prior to the payroll process. A global overview of the saff is done in real time by department, location or people.

Colour coding is customizable for better attendance management. All the modifications are saved and recorded for traceabilty.

Attendance & scheduling

An easy way to manage your scheduling

  • Create your own scheduling templates

    On your e2Time.com software, create your typical schedules. Your typical schedules will allow you to create your schedules without forgetting. Don’t want to end up with scheduling problems?

    E2Time.com simplifies scheduling management. Create, assign, analyze! Schedules are often a tedious task in which you can quickly run out of organization. E2Time.com automates the management of schedules and provides you with the methodology necessary to assign your teams quickly and save time.

  • Quickly change your schedules

    Depending on the presence of your employees, you can change your schedules. A manager has the possibility to visualize the schedule of his team and to lay a leave to one or more collaborators since his schedule. How does it work?

    The schedule of an employee or a service is displayed, the Manager selects the action according to his previously realized setting that he must exercise on his schedules. This can be a leave, a replacement,… An alert is sent directly to the affected people to inform them of changes to schedules.

  • Follow the time of attendance

    Take advantage of a reliable tool to track the time of your teams ‘ presence. Set up your own legal rules. Automate the calculation of overtime to facilitate planning in compliance with your legal requirements.

    Managers will be able to easily follow the schedules of their teams for better productivity. An automatic alert system is available for readjustting schedules. The management of attendance times becomes more reliable.

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