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icone gestion de projets
Projects management

The collaborative tool to create and track your projects

icone gestion de projets
Projects management

The collaborative tool to create and track your projects

Plan, organize, manage !

Plan your resources, organize, manage !

A project management for a better productivity

Manage your projects with ease, centralise your actions, prioritize your tasks, monitor and analyse the evolution of your projects to better organize your activity and your teamwork.

Plan, organize, manage !

My online project management software


Simplify project management

A turnkey solution


Manage your projects easily, prioritize your tasks, follow and analyze the progress of your projects for a better organization.


Segment your projects, assign tasks to your collaborators and see the time spent for each of them.

HR Team

Visualize the planning of the various projects and carry out effective analyzes for optimal performance of your teams.

Communication on a project, is the key for success !

A project with a bad flow of information can create mistakes and delays. No more mounting piles of Excel files.

Therefore, E2Time.com has put at your disposal an efficient module to simplify managing your projects. This software gets rid of time wasting by allowing each person to communicate and to be involved in the evolution of the project.

Break down your projects by allocating the tasks, your staff and check the time allocated. Updates are available to show to the project’s progress.

Planning make your job easier!

Planning and measuring has never been easier


Time spent on each task

the employee allocated


The tasks and projects

Reassignement of the tasks



Overview Gannt Diagram

A complete and flexible project management tool

We have designed an intuitive, collaborative, complete tool allowing you to develop your projects in an easy and efficient manner.

  • A permanent visibility for the best collaboration
  • Setting up and planning tasks
  • Statistics linked to the projects
  • Data exporting on Excel and PDF
  • Scheduling the projects by tasks
  • Profitability tracking of the project
  • Gantt diagram

A powerful management tool

Custom dashboards

Create your projects and analyze them with custom dashboards. Track the profitability of your projects easily. On your interface, your diagrams allow you to visualize key information for the performance of your project.

You will have access in one click to the progress of your project, your deadlines, the total consumption in time realized, the time achieved per user or on each task.

The monitoring of past times is indispensable in order to readjust your projects. Step forward with serenity, your e2Time.com software calculates your productivity for you.

Gantt chart

Visualize the planning of your projects via a Gantt chart. The graphical representation of your data provides a clearer reading of your project.

Perform efficient analysis for the optimal performance of your teams in order to master the deadlines and associated costs.

On a single tool, the people affected on the project will be able to quickly visualize all the data.

E2Time.com facilitates understanding and saves you valuable time on project management.

Simplified assignment via employee scheduling

The Manager has the possibility to visualize the schedule of his teams and to assign a collaborator on a project. It’s very simple, the Manager opens the schedule of the assigned contributor, selects a duration on his schedule and assigns it to the project of his choice.

The assigned contributor will receive an alert informing him that a new project has been assigned to him and can read the information by logging on to his e2Time.com project management tool.

Our online project management tool ensures a perfect communication between the actors. All elements are grouped together on a single tool for relevant follow-up.

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