Software for time management, leave and attendance management


​e2Time.com specialises in time management and leave management using a full web solution.​ We offer a full range of solutions, which are tailored to your company and your industry. Administrators, managers and users can in this way access their data at any time, via a secure workflow portal.

e2Time.com also allows you to link up difference clock in/clock out scanning systems, such as card scanners, biometric scanners, smartphone scanners or the PC scanning of clock ins/clock outs through IP verification.

Welcome to e2Time – Time management solution

  • Fully configurable workflow application
  • approval by the manager directly from the email
  • Tracking real-time counters
  • Views schedules and staff present
  • rh rules and customisable alerts
  • Statistics and exports to PDF and Excel formats
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  • Workflow for leave requests, and also when cancelling a request,
  • Various approval options available,
  • The employee submits their leave request in just a few clicks. Thanks to the flexibility of e2Time.com it is possible to:
    • View remaining balances and with just one click
    • Request leave distributed over several counters, in days
    • Attach documents,
    • Add a comment.
  • Up to 5 different levels of approval, fully customisable depending on the employee,
  • Management co-approvers (if case of absence or no response after a few days the emails are automatically redirected)
  • Reminder email for approvals
  • Forward planning of leave allowing you to easily anticipate periods of high demand,
  • The manager has the opportunity to grant leave to an employee, service, or even the whole company, then edit a summary to be signed by the employee (s) and the various departments concerned,
  • Approvals or cancellations grouped allowing the manager to save time when processing requests.


  • The manager can intervene directly from the email application (acceptance, refusal, team schedule display, balance consultation) without having to connect to the application,
  • Alert in the leave request email, when it impacts the dates declared for provisional leave.


  • Unlimited creation of counters (for leave and absence),
  • Update and automatic increasing of the leave counters (Paid leave, leave without balance, …),
  • Movements check and a history of actions completed on each counter with traceability,
  • Display of the counter monitoring by gauge.


  • Display of training leave at the time for which the leave request has been submitted (Mainland France, DOM TOMs and a choice of leave periods by country),
  • Access to colleague schedules (with configurable visibility), ,
  • Display of the schedule with available headcount at the point of the request being submitted,
  • Various view modes (by day, by week, by month, by customised period), Viewing of co-worker schedules by site, department and sub-department, Management of absences, leave and changes can be made directly within the schedule view.


  • Email reminder of people on leave in the next 15 days,
  • HR configurable rules applying at the time of application (blocking and non-blocking)
    • Checking the number of days between the request date and the leave date, enabling buffer time frames,
    • Use of counter A as a priority over counter B,
    • Authorisation to set off a debiting balance on one type of counter (granting of early leave)
    • Management of rules for adjacent counters,
  • Customisation of rules and behaviours per counter,
  • Numerous customisable alerts.


  • Application histories,
  • Histories (with dates and times) of approvals or refusals of leave,
  • Consumption monitoring,
  • Editing and exporting counters
  • Counter consumption monitoring,
  • Absenteeism statistics,
  • Numerous predefined reports,
  • Allows a detailed analysis of data collected,
  • Numerous planning models,
  • All e2Time.com screens are filterable by user / service / population and from date to date,
  • Export data to payroll software thanks to the export-to-payroll module.
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  • Create schedules and manage work cycles
  • Real-time calculations
  • Immediate viewing of the headcount available
  • Management of clock ins/clock outs and or anomalies
  • Reminder notifications on your activity
  • Linking of a number of clock in/clock out technologies
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Create schedules and manage work cycles

  • Manage rotations (2 × 2, 3 × 3, 4 × 4 …) which can be set for up to 15 weeks
  • History of rotation assignments by user,
  • Various viewing modes schedules Various schedule viewing modes (By day, week, month, customised period, position…),
  • changes can be made directly within the schedule views, allowing you to view immediately the final result,
  • Differentiation of planning items using a customisable colour (model days, leave, travel, on-call, training…).

Calculations in real time

  • Configurable alerts on legal thresholds (11-hours rest, break time, average weekly working time over 12 weeks …)
  • Dynamic display of work time (realised and projected), viewable directly on the schedule,
  • With the counter management function (unlimited) you will have powerful tools, such as:
    • History of actions performed with tracking,
    • Consultation of movements per counter,
    • Monitoring consumption dates to dates,
    • Graphic restitution of counter consumption data,
    • Rules and behaviours by counter.
  • Calculating Overtime
  • Update of working time,
  • Publishing and exports to Excel or PDF

Immediate viewing of the headcount available

  • Hits availability by sites, services, and sub-services, sub-services, population,
  • instant viewing of staff present, based on planning or pointing,
  • Workforce management through the following indicators:
    • Number present,
    • Number absent,
    • Comparison in relation to the headcount need, which can be defined by day and by time.

Management of clock ins/clock outs and anomalies

  • All clock ins/clock outs effected by the users are available on the application in real time,
  • Email alerts on clock in/clock out anomalies (delay, absence, clock in/clock out outside the tolerance margins…),
  • All clock ins/clock outs may be changed by the manager or by the administrator (in case a clocking in or out has been forgotten, or delayed…),
  • All the changes can be saved by name,
  • Each day can have a comment attached to it to allow for more clarity over the changes effected.

Recap notifications on your activity

e2Time.com provides several tools offering you a real dashboard of your employees’ activity:

  • It allows for a detailed analysis of collected data,
  • Dynamic statistics on presence/absence, clock ins/clock outs, late arrivals, time worked…
  • Numerous pre-defined reports,
  • All e2Time.com screens may be filtered by user/department/population and from date to date,
  • towards Excel or PDF formats

Inter-linking of several clock in/clock out technologies

Your employees can clock in/clock out in all situations from different devices offered by e2Time.com scanning:

  • Scan cards or badges,
  • Biometric time clocks (subject to approval of the CNIL)
  • PC scanning,
  • Scan by tablet or smartphone (via e2Time.com application available on the App Store and Play Store), with or without use of geolocation.
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  • Breaking down of projects into tasks
  • Planning and assigning of co-workers on projects
  • Count down in real time and provisional count down
  • Statement of time elapsed and tasks remaining on a project
  • Export of analytical data in PDF and Excel formats
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Logiciel gestion projet

  • Avoids reentry by the accounting department
  • Many export models available for different products on the market
  • Correspondence between payroll data and e2Time.com data fully configurable
  • Export by population and by period
  • Publishing monthly reports indicating attendance, leave, absence, overtime, …
  • Cancellation of a possible export directly from the application in just a few clicks
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • Establishment of assignment rules by population, department and model day
  • Synthesis table by period, population, service, exportable in Excel
  • Monitoring by name of tickets acquired and distributed
  • Multi-criteria research on meal tickets
  • Possibility to export your payroll system via the “Export- to-payroll”
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Logiciel gestion ticket restaurant

Logiciel gestion salles véhicules

  • Booking rooms and vehicles
  • Ability to assign users to rooms
  • View reservation rooms and vehicles on the schedule
  • Detailed table showing the rooms and vehicles occupancy status
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  • Exchanging of real time information between e2time and applications in your information system
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Gestion présence online

  • Expense sheets directly entered by users
  • Avoids duplicate entries of expense
  • Rate of VAT on each entry line
  • Communication with the Project Management and Meal Ticket modules
  • Downloadable copy of proof of refund request
  • Monitoring expenses sheets date to date
  • total or partial confirmation of received expenses sheets
  • Tracking expenses paid and pending payments
  • Statistics by type of expenditure
  • Confirmation history
  • Archiving expense sheets by month
  • exportable data in Excel or PDF format
  • Expense report approver may be different from the leave approver
  • Numerous calculations methods based on the refund type (VAT amount or mileage allowance)
  • Configurable payment methods
  • Ability to export to partner software (accounting, payroll, …) via the “Export pay” module

A complete range of solutions for each company.

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