Adapting to your needs





The mastery
of time

Our mission is to equip companies with an efficient and complete HRIS software.

We strive to answer their needs precisely. We developped a software with 5 modules (Leave Management, Project Management, HR Portal, Expense Management, Attendance Management and scheduling). We attempt daily to answer our partners’ problems. Our ambition : To offer the best solution to manage your company. We continually improve collectivelly and individually.

Solving problems for companies

Each company has a different way to manage their time and their employees. Each business has different ways of functioning. We offer a process for each. Consenquently, we first define the companies needs and then we offer solutions customized to their issues.

Adapting to the developpement of our partners

Our partners and our solutions are constantly developping. Their needs change. We adjust our software to their developpements. Adaptibility is necessary and is our strength. We take into consideration our partners’ specificity and industry to offer them the best service. Our specialists come to your office regularly to meet your team in order to have a better grasp of their activity. Their recommendations include the setup of the tool. The proximity is vital and we want to keep it.


The complete and intuitive software for your HR management

A reliable and secure
management software
Software entirely customizable
Real time
data pooling
Exportable data to excel, pdf and payroll software
Accessible 24h/24, 7D/7 on smartphone computer and tablet

More than 400 companies and 60 000 users trust us

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