IP address clock in

Who will use IP address clock in ?

Used by many companies where many employees work on computers, work from home or frequently travel. Your employees can clock in/ clock out straight from their desk at the office, their home or on the road.

Why set up IP address clock in/ clock out for your company ?
In order to have an easy clock in system straight from your computer choose IP address. This is synchronized with our attendance and planning management solution. This will allow you to organize your employees’ work time. IP address clock in/ clock out is adapted for all types of businesses. Accessing the software is done via securized https. The user will have his own login making the usage very simple.


Authorization of personnalized IP clock in

You can setup the IP clock in for each user. It is also possible to accept the IP clock in / clock out for the users depending on their typical day. For example, if one of your employees is allowed to work from home IP address clock in can be used once or several times during the day.

A tolerance period for clock in and clock out can be customizable on our software. The clock in/ clock out can be adaptable to different services. The user can clock in/ clock out on specific tasks.

Finally, the administrator or the manager can comment on the clock in / clock out time. The clock in times are reliable and are fixed to the time of our server. It is also possible to change the time zone if you want to clock in abroad. User filters allow you to set pointing permissions.


The advantages of the e2time.com’s pointing system

  • IP clock in clock out / on the computer via our fullweb solution
  • Securized access in https
  • Login and password identification
  • Recording the arrivals/ exits by IP clock in/ clock out
  • Manage the authorized IP addresses for IP clock in
  • Multi location IP clock in
  • Clock in depending on tasks and day type
  • No badge management

No material neededIt is possible to verify the data in real time

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